Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Trials and Tails (see how I did that) of Sami and Enzo....Part I

Part I-

I have two dogs. Sami and Enzo. Both of which defy brilliance, oppose common sense, and disregard all laws of obedience. Sami, my five year old yellow lab, is the counterpart to Marley (of Marley and Me) and Enzo, my border-collie/husky mix, he's, shall we call him, challenged?

My life circulates around these two lovable miscreants thus I am assembling a collection of "Trials and Tails of Sami and Enzo".

Let us begin with Sami.

Sami has been an intrinsic part of my life for the past five years. She, irrefutably, has been my constant and unflagging companion through great joy, extensive heartache, immense laughter, and moments of desperation. Not only has she played part to many major events in my life, she has thus created events of her own. Never will I forget the day she rolled in fresh cow excrement at an open space/dog park and then made me chase her a good few miles to catch her stinky self. Forever will I remember her dragging a roll of sod into my home and then relieving herself on it, as if to say, "If I have to go outside, I will bring the outside in." Always will the sound of my buried cell phone ringing from the yard be embedded in my memories. These are truly only an infinitesimal dose of her many 'Tails' of adventure as my beloved dog, yet, they hardly touch upon the beautiful companionship she has given to me.

When Sami first entered my life, she was a 19 lb bright, white, yellow lab with expressive eyes, cumbersome paws, and an overzealous tail. At the end of month one, she had doubled in size (tail and all) and developed a personality unyielding to conformity and acquiescence. Each month, thereafter, produced the same results. More doubling of the weight, more doubling of the personality and hyperactive tail. Then she reached her final destination. A healthy and sturdy 90lb lab with discernible authority issues; not to mention her penchant for ink pens and socks. Not an inch of my town home escaped without a battle wound inflicted by the incorrigible Srgt. Sami. i.g. corner of fireplace chewed off, hole chewed in the middle of the carpet on the stairs, chewed up kitchen cabinets....do we see a trend here? Wherever she set paw, she left a mark. A rather chewed up, obliterated, slobbered on mark. The chewing has stopped but her life impression will forever remain. She was, and remains to be comically absurd.

As ridiculous and obstinate as she could be, it is all null and void when compared to the loyalty and love she has shown me. A dogs' faithfullness and instinct is comparable to none. Sami always knows. Her inimitable intuitiveness places her in my arms in the most heart aching of times, positions her by my side when loneliness strikes, and establishes her as my shadow for any and all emotions that surface. Her head laid in my lap after three and a half years of incapacitating pregnancy tests. Those damned tests that were an unrelenting reminder of my desire to be a mom but my inability to procreate. Yet, there was Sami. Did she not look to me as a child looks to a mom? Does she not depend on me the way an adolescent depends on a mama's strength and love? She was my baby. She knew it and she knew she could fill that void. And now, as yet another season of pain has entered my life, she has been my ubiquitous comforter through, dare I say the words, my divorce. Even though her sweet little heart aches for her other companion of five years, she none-the-less has remained fixated at my side through deluge after deluge of emotion; unrelenting in her desire to ease my anguish. Benevolence at its greatest.

Through her jocularity and sincerity, Sami has been an affirming being in my life. Her heart is pure. Her intentions,. untainted. And despite the fact that few humans leave drool and fur wherever they go, she takes top bill, for she implicitly loves me. No person possesses such altruistic motives devoid of humans' instinctive narcissism. She has proven to me that there will never be a life force more guileless and virtuous than that of man's best friend.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. ~Josh Billings

Thus begins my sappy commentaries on my dogs....