Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Relevant Night Before Christmas....

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A Relevant Night Before Christmas
by Lesli Jamison

Twas the night before Christmas, when all throughout,
The homeless were huddled, the broken turned out.
The desires and wishes of humanity sparked,
But action and empathy were hidden by the dark.
The children were displayed in a window for a price;
While men chose 'wisely' which one looked most nice.
Innocence lost because of action forgotten.
Joy and happiness stolen for the devils' begotten.
When out in the slums, women beg for their dinner,
I sat inactive. A self indulging sinner.
Away from the headlines, I turned my head;
Tore open a book, looking for an escape instead.
But the visions of hollowed out eyes sick with AIDS
Disrupted my abdication on the first page.
When what to my wondering eyes should I spy,
But the announcement that many innocents shall die.
Die of illness, die of violence, die of monstrosities so dire;
I knew in an instant, to what I must aspire.
More rapid my heart beats inundated my brain,
These children, these women they are not without name.
Their hurt and their sorrow is not just theirs to carry.
Come compassion! Come love! We all must not tarry!
Now sympathy, empathy, peace and relief!
Stop hatred and violence! We command you to cease!
To the depths of my heart, to the depths of my soul,
I cry for forgiveness for inactions great role.
As tears of distress stream down my pained face,
Conviction and motivation find a new place.
So up I jump wildly, ignorant of my surroundings,
With the hopes of a generation hanging by my new findings.
And then, in a twinkling, I felt most distinct,
A new hope forming; humanities great link.
We are not here for our individual plans.
People. All people are our mission we MUST understand.
This vision was cloaked with an aggressive alacrity,
Despite knowledge of evils most evident tenacity.
A child appears, gripping hope by the reigns.
Witnessing, for the first time, a true, unyielding change.
His eyes, how they sparkle! His smile, how it shines!
For never before had someone been kind.
His heart, how relieved to know this hell will not pervade.
Living in slums without food; made a slave.
His malnutrition is vanquished, clean water abounds,
Educations clear voice is the sweetest of sounds.
His sister will laugh with unadulterated bliss,
Instead of hiding shame from being raped by those that are remiss.
She too, will find peace in knowledges great arms,
Using information to protect her people from harm.
The spark of hope in the children of desolations eyes,
Soon gave me to know we COULD attain this prize.
Speaking not words, but walking the walk.
My challenge to you is to stand up, shout out. Give malevolence a shock.
And laying aside all our fears and our dreads,
Let us destroy depravity. Denounce debauchery. Lay it to shreds.
Lets spring to our feet. Inform, empower, invite
Humanity to involve themselves in others' plight.
I feel a great fervor forming in our midst,
Merry Christmas to ALL! Your pain is our pain! We shall persist!!

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