Saturday, January 9, 2010

Embracing to embark...

One of my New Years Resolutions (as stated in a previous blog post) was to do something I had only dreamed about. Today, I made my first step towards accomplishing that goal. I began the, what is sure to prove, long process of searching for a school that I hope to pursue a journalism degree at. This may seem a mundane and prosaic accomplishment to many but for me, it is the beginning of living my life for myself and not someone else. A newfound, slightly forced upon me dream that I am attempting to embrace to the fullest. Embrace and embark. Two words that encapsulate what I hope is the beginning of a new era in the life and times of Lesli Jamison.
The past six months have reintroduced my passion for the written word initially as a source of catharsis, but has unyieldingly produced a greater desire. A desire to use this passion not only for the expulsion of my own emotions, but perhaps for a greater good. What if, my passion became my power? The power to give a voice to the mute. The power to shine a light on the hidden. The power to save. Now, do not tempt yourself into believing that I am as egotistical as that sounded. I know that I myself have very little power. But what if, in conjunction with other people that share the same desires and talents, we, as a whole, can create pieces that not only speak to ourselves and where we come from, but speak to the world and where we all should be? That, is why I want to be a journalist. This I have embraced.
Now to embark. In order to be a journalist, it is a well known fact that education is a well advised stepping stone in that direction. One can not report upon facts that they have no knowledge of nor can they communicate to masses without an understanding of societal mindset. My current research has given me to believe that Northwestern is a top contender when endeavoring to become a journalist. Other schools are noted and mentioned often but Northwestern appears to have grasped a firm hold in all review departments. All of this I can accept gladly and look forward to eagerly. Then I remember, I would have to move. I would have to leave my beloved Colorado behind, move to a city I know nothing about (Chicago), am friendless in and start anew. Weirdly, I find that the most exciting and intriguing part of this adventure. In my 28 years of existence I have lived in two places. Northwest, Kansas (18 years) and Denver/Boulder, Colorado (10 years). As I near the third decade of my life, is it not fitting that I would choose to start it with an entirely different life? To each his own, of course. The 'my own' part of that cliche is what I am holding onto firmly. This is for me; my own. All this to say.....I sent for some applications and school info....oooooo....big step. *said with mock enthusiasm*. No, to many this is not even a gentle nudge in the journalist direction. But for me this WAS a big step for up until this time, I had not allowed myself to entertain the possibility of moving. I retract that. I may have entertained but never fully believed that it was a possibility. So yes, I did embark. If only slightly.
What has 2010 pressed upon peoples hearts? Who is embracing and embarking? Revisiting or renewing? Let us start this decade unrelenting in our passions and resolved in our ambitions.

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  1. That's exciting, Lesli! Can't wait to see how it all unfolds. If we go to seminary, we might be close to you :)

    Love you,