Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New...?

I know I'm a bit behind the 'Resolution Momentum' that proceeds New Years Eve, however, I'm beginning this new year with a new focus and feel the need to commit these 'aspirations' to cosmic paper. Despite 2009 ending in a less than spectacular way, I am convinced and determined that 2010 will prove to be a year far surpassing its predecessor. I, Lesli Jamison, resolve to:

*Research and commit myself to a local non-profit/charity that I believe in, building a long-term relationship, and contributing whatever talents and assets I may have to furthering their cause.
*Come spring and summer, visit a farmers market at least once every week. Fresh, local produce here I come!
*Embrace single-hood and not take for granted what good things can come from being a 'one' and not a 'two'. (and not picking up after someone else, and eating straight out of the ice cream container, and .....)
*Fully take advantage of all outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. i.g. snowshoeing (doing next week for the first time), snowboarding (have done once and failed miserably but desire greatly to try again), more hiking (perhaps a 14er?), mountain biking (after I get insurance back.)....
*Completely embrace the vegetarian lifestyle and attempt it in a less-pasta-more-vegetables kind of way.
*Spend at least 30min. out of doors. Each day. No matter the weather. (Easy to do considering I have two dogs, live in an apartment and am thus outside in all increments of weather praying for the digestion process to speed up for them!) Vitamin D, I shall not lack.
*Less media and distractions. More writing, photographing, reading, cooking, creating....
*Step out on a limb. Do something that has only occurred in my dreams to do. Release myself to embrace the 'impossible' and obtain the 'indescribable'.

My desire is to keep an accountability record on here for myself. If I don't say it and no one here's me declare, well, I don't have to do it. So here I am, saying it. Declaring it. Doing it. Hopefully. Great aspirations 2010, I commit!

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