Sunday, January 17, 2010

Simply Abundant

Simply Abundant
by Lesli Jamison
Yesterday, I spent a glorious day up in the mountains snow-shoeing. Nature has a way of lavishly and indulgently revealing herself to us leaving us to ponder the desire that her beauty evokes. How beautifully complex yet simply abundant the crunch of the snow, the gentle undulation of the wind in the trees, and the crisp air is to our overly chaotic lives. To think, that one hour out in God's creation can introduce such a refreshing air to our harried lives. Why on earth do we not reach for this ever so accessible catharsis more often?
This got me to thinking about how, in our lives, we allow simple pleasures to pass us by unnoticed and forgotten. Or, even worse, we recognize those pleasures yet still strive for materialistic fulfillment. When will we realize that the momentary joy of a shopping spree can and will never surpass that of the incandescent peace discovered when witnessing a sunset? Abundant simplicity at its finest.
How then, do we learn to recognize and put into practice those simply fine pleasures that leave us filled with joy? I decided that now is as good a time as ever to create my list of 'Simply Abundant Pleasures'. Along with my New Years Resolution accountability, I am choosing to use this blog post as a catalyst to continually look for the innocence and integrity in simplicity.

My 'Simply Abundant Pleasures':
~A fresh, hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. There is something comforting, nostalgic, and hopeful about my morning coffee.
~A child dancing, singing or laughing. There is nothing so pure and untouched as that of a child partaking in song or laughter for it comes from a place not tainted by outside concerns but truly from the childs' heart.
~Music in all shapes and forms. For me, something spiritual takes place when I listen or play music. To feel the emotions put forth into a song and to bring it to life is such a beautiful pleasure for me.
~The written word. All forms thereof. I am a voracious reader either always looking to learn or looking to be inspired which thus leads to writing for me. Writing is one of the most therapeutic activities I take part in. It allows me to simply and expressively vocalize my heart and my mind.
~My camera. Capturing a moment, a visage, a breathtaking view.
~Being outdoors in any way, shape or form. The beauty of our Creators planet leaves me feeling awe-inspired and completely insignificant in His great significance.
~Working out (ha ha, right?) Working and challenging my body reminds me of what a miracle we, as humans are. Not that we've created it for ourselves, but that we were created so perfectly and meticulously. To feel my muscles strain, my heart beat....those are reminders of what a wonder we are and to never take advantage of the simplicity of ourselves.

This list is just the tip of the glacier. As I began to think about simple things that bring me joy, an insurmountable list began to form. What an incredible challenge to remind ourselves to be awed by life. I hope this challenges you to think of your own simple pleasures and to not live vicariously through stuff but through the little nothings that make our life a big something.

Simplicity. Life unadorned. Unprocessed. Undefiled.

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  1. I share many of your Simply Abundant Pleasures. So how does technology fit
    with the Simplicity theme? It helps keep people connected, but also adds to the chaos of everyday life.