Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wanderings in the Dark


Wanderings in the Dark
by Lesli Jamison

Itinerant, my thoughts dwell,

Amidst nowhere and here.

Cognizant obscurity.

Unsettled, yet so clear.

These peripatetic wanderings

Of a mind left undisguised,

Undermined yet determined,

Seen through unseeing eyes.

A visage without description.

A hope without a cause.

Over zealous ambivalence

Met with an applause.

Vague light begins to filter

Penetrating concepts unknown.

Tangible or fantastical?

Accompanied or alone?

The flutter of an eye-lid,

The sensation of being aware.

I open my eyes, my dreams dissipate.

Awake I lie grasping that, which had no cares.


  1. beautiful poem lesli. i read "applause" as apple sauce at first, which seemed uncharacteristically playful. i must be sleepy :) thank you for sharing.